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Childtech Challenge Third Version



Hasta octubre 22, 2023


What are we looking for? Startups, social enterprises and non-profit organizations from around the world that have an innovative scientific-technological-based solution with the capacity to implement their solutions in Mexico and/or Colombia Requirements: The company must be legally constituted and have been at least 18 months old. The solution must be in Spanish and with active users Have at least one success story transferable to the challenge where you are applying


The Childtech Challenge is a global competition that seeks the most innovative startups focused on children and youth willing to implement their solutions in vulnerable communities in Latin America. This year, the focus is Colombia and Mexico.

We are looking for five startups, and each winner will be awarded an implementation contract, backed by a major nonprofit organization.

Active collaboration between startups and non-profit organizations ensures the effective resolution of identified problems and the successful implementation of solutions to benefit the community.

The purpose of the Childtech challenge is to generate a significant impact in the lives of thousands of boys, girls, young people, fathers, mothers, educators and teachers.
Five challenges with a social and/or environmental focus have been defined. Each of the challenges has a prize that corresponds to the award of a service contract of up to USD $20,000 to implement the solution.

The launch is carried out with a non-profit organization that already has programs in the beneficiary community.


Desde septiembre 13, 2023
Hasta octubre 22, 2023

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